Canvas: circle packing & physics

As an early experiment for my new portfolio site, I built a visualisation of my recent work using mootools and the canvas. It was my first attempt at some mootools code, and I really like its object oriented approach.

A (modified) version of the experiment is up here, and here’s the code.

At the heart of the visualisation is a circle packing algorithm. I’d been looking into build my own system for this, with something force directed to group categories together, but I discovered the excellent moocirclepack by unwieldy studios so used that instead.

I like this interface, I feel like it’s playful and encourages some exploration. But in the end, there are a few too many layers between arriving on the site and seeing my work. Actually showing the work kind of got in the way of the fun, playful physics, and quickly became a fairly convoluted system of overlays. I’ve switched the graph from being the core of the site to an extra piece visualising my skill set.