Stilted houses: desk toy

I’ve just uploaded my first model to Shapeways for 3D printing. It’s a mini stilted house with a wooden exterior, styled to look like some of Vancouver’s character homes. We lived in something like this when we first arrived in Vancouver. Sadly, it didn’t have stilts. It flooded repeatedly, and has since been demolished. This model therefore represents an improvement on the existing architecture of the city.

At this stage, the print is just a test for scale and fragility. I’d like to make the floors of the building modular, so that a custom property could be printed and stacked.

At a later stage it’d be nice to do the same with container homes. If you could remove the side panels of a mini-container,  a lot of container home setups could be made with duplicate prints of a single module design. Who doesn’t want an idealised container home on their desk? It’d go well with your miniature Eames chair colleciton.