SubDivTris: Triangles, Canvas Tag and CreateJS

SubDivTris is a canvas implementation of my earlier Processing script, and Illustrator plugin. It’s a lot more interactive and, being on the web, a lot easier for you to try out. It’s also more accurate since I finally got my head round drawing everything properly.

By mousing over a triangle, you subdivide it into four new triangles. Each takes its colour from the relevant position on a source image. By sub dividing the triangles enough, the image is effectively revealed (albeit, with triangular pixels). It’s quite fun.

You can try it here: SubDivTris, and here.

The whole thing has been a bit of an experiment to try out the CreateJS libraries. Easel.js (which is part of the CreateJS suite), adds a flash-style display list to the cavnas, which makes handling interaction, adding and removing objects incredibly simple. The syntax is all very familiar too if you’re moving from AS3.

I may yet develop this further. It’d be nice to use the Instagram API so you’d be selectively revealing the latest image with a bright sounding tag (#sunset, #lake, #goldfish, #shimmer).