Wednesday 4th May, 2011
greer-inc blog theme

Having recently been playing around with HTML5 boilerplate, I was excited to discover Roots, a starting WordPress theme which takes advantage of boilerplate and / blueprint css.

Roots is definitely set up to be used for WordPress-as-a-CMS (rather than a blog) – it sets up a lot of nice defaults, including a front page and menu structure. Probably not the best coice for a straight up blog, but I was keen to play around with it. I hadn’t used blueprint css before, but found it really quick to work with.

I’ve tried to keep the design minimal at this stage, although will likely continue to add to it over time. I drew a quick set of category icons (below), which I’ll add to as the content fills out.

Photoraphy Travel

Monday 2nd May, 2011
Grand Canyon Pictures

We’re recently back from hiking in the Grand Canyon, which was an incredible experience. It’s difficult to grasp the scale of this natural wonder standing on it’s rim, so photography is always going to fall short. The intense sun also proved a tricky light to shoot in, especially as we were moving throughout the day, so didn’t have the luxury to wait for softer conditions when we found a particularly good view.

Print Illustration

Sunday 1st May, 2011
BC Ferries Vacations Pitch

I did these illustrations for a recent pitch to BC Ferries Vacations. A story book illustration style was used to remind BC residents how awe inspiring their local landscape really is. I think these would really stand out in a market cluttered with stock photography of families-by-the-sea.


Tuesday 26th April, 2011
Facebook App: WWLNS

What Would Leonard Nimoy Say? To compliment the TV spot, we made a Facebook app that let users find out what Leonard Nimoy thought of their status update. It’s like a magic 8-ball with eyebrows.

Creative Director: Jordan Doucette, Writer: Will Seccombe, Art Director: Mike Greer,
Producer: Sam Benson, App Developed by Jam3.


Monday 25th April, 2011
TELUS Leonard Nimoy TV spot

A TV spot I recently art directed at TAXI for TELUS. To tie in with the ‘Light years ahead of cable’ mass campaign we were running, and to demonstrate the futuristic features of Facebook on TV, we employed the impeccable services of Mr Leonard Nimoy, and paired him up with our loveable installer, Danny.

Writer: Will Seccombe, Art director: Mike Greer, Creative Director: Jordan Doucette, Director: Chris Hutsul, Producer: Sam Benson, Editing: JMB Post, Audio: Wave Productions.


Monday 7th March, 2011
Geometric identity

Working with the ever talented Andrew Passas to help him explore generative identity options, I wrote a couple of quick sketches that placed simple geometric forms at arbitrary positions on a grid.

Click to generate new layout.

The more interesting challenge (from a coding point of view), came in trying to create all possible iterations. Processing was a perfect tool for this – it’s quick to sketch a program in, and it has a built in PDF library that allowed me to export my final results as a vector. Note that the PDF library seems to be broken in current Processing builds though. I had to go back to a much older version where it still worked.

[file lang=”java” link=”on”][/file]

Shapes on a grid
All possible variations of placing three shapes on a 2×2 grid, allowing shapes to occupy the same space.

Geometric shapes on a grid
All possible variations of placing three shapes on a 3×3 grid.

Square circle and triangle forms in various positions
Crop of the 3×3 variations, above.

We also got into some unwrapping of 3d shapes, which seems to have some complex maths associated with it. To avoid getting bogged down by it all, we opted for a more visual approach and used some unwrapping tools in blender (again, an older version was handy – unwrapping hasn’t yet been implemented in 2.5). This led to some nice looking renders.

Shaded flattened nets.
Shaded triangles connected at arbitrary edges.


Tuesday 1st March, 2011
Canvas Tag

I’ve been playing around with javascript and the canvas tag a bit recently. It all seems pretty awesome, but I think the trick will be in finding novel ways to combine the tag with conventional DOM elements. It seems like it would be all too easy to fall into the trap of building entire sites with the tag, which would suffer from a lot of the problems flash only sites (used to?) have.

Here are my first tests (playing with 2d vectors and the canvas):

Swirly mouse follow

Click and drag

Seeds dropped on a random path

Vector explosions on a path.

Like flash, I’m sure this will be great for games and added extras on sites. It feels like there should be other uses too, which I’m keen to discover. I’m currently looking into writing js apps which write info to the DOM, and draw pretty lines to the canvas. Combining the two has been a little harder than I’d hoped so far though. I’m not sure where best to draw the line between using the canvas and using HTML. Should a data visualisation be entirely within the canvas, for example, or should the labels be traditional elements. Does it matter?

Looking forward to getting into this more. Next is building small interactive pieces which have some physics in them. I’m hoping they might form part of a playful navigation for a portfolio site.


Thursday 24th February, 2011
Dave and Vicki’s Wedding

Back from Scotland and Loch Lomond, where I was celebrating Dave and Vicki’s wedding. It was an incredible weekend, and the day itself was very moving. I didn’t spend much time holding my camera, but did take a few shots of the ceilidh and setting. I was surprised how quickly I seem to have adopted a Canadian / North American sensibility – anything old or distinctly national stood out and was at once attractively foreign and comfortably familiar.